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Everything you need to transform your body and soul from the comfort of your own home. 

Now with the 31-day #OhsoYoganuary yoga journey included. 




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You will get a sneak peek of the full Ohso Yoga membership, looking at the different styles of movement and meditation taught by Stacey Bareham.




A smooth transition between asanas aligning movement with breath.



Vinyasa for those who like to take it slow.



Vinyasa practiced in a circular motion around the mat for those who like their practice to feel like a dance.



Deep, slow, introspective and therapeutic. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Brilliant for aches, pains, flexibility and stress. 


A combination of Yin and Yang. Flow through your rhythmic Vinyasa and finish with deep, space creating Yin.


Detailed posture breakdowns to help you to practice safely, master the pose and deepen your practice.


Guided meditation and Pranayama to help to explore your emotions deeper or to just relax and reset.

"I am thrilled with the quality of the materials and the delivery of the videos. Stacey’s teachings are clear and balanced and I think that this teaching has come to me at the ‘just the right time’. Loving every second and so grateful to work at my own pace with the recorded version of the sessions. Thank you for putting this membership together."


Emily, GP


The Ohso Yoga Membership isn’t just about yoga on the mat, it’s about unity, connection, community and personal growth.


You will feel nourished, revived and confident, ready to take on whatever life throws your way.



Each month you’ll get eight new flows, a posture breakdown and a guided meditation or Pranayama. You’ll have access to the full archive of practices since the Ohso Yoga Membership began. 



Every month, you’ll have one new guided meditation or Pranayama to help to explore your emotions deeper or to just relax and reset. Meditation can help to improve both brain and body function, so it’s an important part of what we do in the Ohso Yoga Membership..



The Facebook community is a space for you to share your love of yoga with other like-minded members and it’s also a place of support. We all hold space for members to be open and honest about any struggles or achievements, knowing that this is just as important as the yoga itself.



There is an option to include live classes as part of your membership. Each week, Stacey Bareham will host two live practices on the Facebook group. This is a chance for members to practice together and feel the energy of the group. 


#OhsoYoganuary if the perfect way to begin your Yoga journey, giving you long and short practices with a variety of styles to try.


This content is only available to Ohso Yoga members and you can practice live with me or catch-up later in the members on-demand area. 

Here's what you have to look forward to over 31-days of nourishment:


I'm Stacey Bareham, an ex-corporate ladder climber, turned Yoga Teacher. I believe every human deserves to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life doing the things they love, whilst making a positive impact on the planet and those around them.

Before yoga I was stuck, both mentally and physically. It was only after mental health struggles and injuries that I finally decided to look even deeper into my own body and soul, which is how I reached yoga. From the first yoga class I took, in Thailand, I knew this was what I wanted to do.  My teacher inspired me to share what I love.

Yoga has taught me so much about who I am as a person, how to treat my body and also how to treat those around me.

It's not just about life on the mat, it's about connecting my inner world with the outer world with that sense of unity, which is exactly what I want to radiate from the Ohso Yoga membership.

I'm trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Rocket yoga, Yin yoga, Mandala Vinyasa, Pregnancy Yoga and meditation. 


I love a strong sweaty Vinyasa class and particularly love coming up with creative flows and incorporating inversions and arm balances into my practices.  My passion, however lie with Yin Yoga, which is the perfect balance to Vinyasa. Long, deep, introspective and meditative with the physical benefit of powering up the Yang practice. For me, it feels like magic!
 I have a lot of fun with my sequencing which I'm sure you'll love!


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I cannot wait to meet you on the mat!

Love, Stacey xx


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