Virtual Yoga Coaching

Virtual Yoga Coaching is personal! I meet you at your pace and ability, that is exactly why it is better than contorting your mind and body.

It's the kind of Yoga that is often talked about that sounds like magic. 
It's only achieved in focusing on you as an individual!

In creating new manageable mini practices that infuse many areas of life

Private Vinyasa Yoga for energy and sculpting combined with Yin Yoga for flexibility and letting go along with the immunity boosting and stress relief from Meditation  is the recipe for lasting change and is available online via Skype.

I offer Skype sessions which start with you taking a little video for me in 5 simple moves so I can assess you. 

It's surprising that Skype works just as well as in person to work on your posture, flexibility, weight and mind.  I will share with you a handful of tools you can integrate into your day.