We're so excited to invite you to join the Ohso Yoga community for #OhsoYoganuary, the 31-day yoga challenge that will have you feeling confident, strong, mindful, present and proud of yourself!  Through this 31-day journey, Stacey Bareham will guide you through different styles of yoga, meditation and breathwork, and through this you'll cultivate a stronger sense of awareness for your mind, body and soul.

See below for a Calendar and check off each practice as you make your way through the month.


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For those who are new - by signing up to #OhsoYoganuary you are also signing up to the Ohso Yoga membership which isn’t just about introducing you to many different types of Yoga and meditation, it's about getting you into a routine of movement and connection. It's about connecting to deeper parts of yourself, moving closer to your authenticity. It's about taking what you learn on the mat and applying it to real-life, growing beyond the poses, manifesting the life you want and learning about how beautifully enough you really are.

We also have a fantastic selection of giveaways, for those who take part.

For all membership options, click here.

This year's #OhsoYoganuary challenge has a fantastic giveaway. For your chance to win:
 - 6 months FREE Membership

 - 1 bolster,
 - 2 yoga blocks and
 - A 1-2-1 with Stacey Bareham

...you need to be signed up to The Ohso Yoga Membership for the month of Jan 2021and taking part in #OhsoYoganuary daily. Each day you need to note down how the session made you feel.  Every Sunday of the month, you need to tag @ohso.yoga.online and #OhsoYoganuary on an Instagram story sharing your thought's (please make sure your account is set to public visibility) so that we can see it. Extra points if the story is a pic or video of you practicing and if you wish to share more from your journey on your stories and main feed, please do, as we LOVE seeing people flow with us!

At the end of the month, we will select winners who have been participating continuously. We encourage you to post/share as much as you can through the month 🙏. Winners will be announced and DM’d in the first week of February.