An Online Membership for Body and Mind

All for just £19 per month!

New online classes each week from dynamic yoga to deep meditation. Guided yoga programs and in-depth articles. Whether you’re new to yoga or experienced, we’ll support your home yoga practice.



  • Busy running from one task to another

  • Serving family and friends and putting yourself at the bottom of the priority list

  • You are suffering from burn out or the physical and mental effects of stress

  • Have limited time and struggle to get to classes or social engagements

  • Ready to make small changes AND transform your mindset to help you to create a life you love  

If this sounds like you, then I created this just for you!


It’s widely known that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with so spending time with others who are passionate about living their best life will get you there too!

This monthly membership is the ultimate way for you to get back to YOU. Connecting to yourself and others through the magic of yoga, meditation and community. It's time to dig deeper to find and give yourself more of what you need.

I believe everyone deserves to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life doing the things they love:

   🖤 without stress

   🖤 without pain 

   🖤 and while serving others, creating internal joy. 


But we MUST take time for ourselves first.


This is a space for your to grow your yoga practice, your confidence, your authority, your authenticity and your soul.


I have helped others like you who may be struggling with certain aspects of their lives. Whether it be their health, their emotional wellbeing, stress levels or just the need for some time out, some quiet, some space for creative and productive thoughts.


If you're ready to make some minor changes with the love, help and support of both Stacey and a like minded community at Ohso Yoga Online to get you to where you want to be, then this is for you!



W H Y  M E ?


I’ve suffered with physical symptoms and illnesses induced by stress and I have managed to take myself away from the mindsets that have allowed me to be so dramatically affected.   I can help you by sharing and guiding you through the simple practices I have learnt through trainings and experiences which I have used to give me the life I’ve always wanted.  Direction, achievements, health, meaningful relationships and connections, love and most importantly understanding what success and happiness really mean to me. 


And it all started with Yoga and some minor changes to my routine and to my mindset….  

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